jeudi 29 janvier 2009


Dear the World,

My name is Melanie Valera. Although i'm French, i live in Portland Oregon in the beautiful United States of America. I wasn't there when last Friday night, a big wind storm swept the South West of France with a strength never seen before. 60% of the forest was destroyed and many houses were crushed by those tall and skinny but massive fir trees. At 4am that same night, my mum and my step dad were laying in silence in bed when the first tree fell on their roof. They got up and went into the living room where they thought it would be safer. Then a second tree fell on their bedroom a few minutes later. They would have been dead by now. They stayed hidden for hours hoping they would survive as they kept hearing trees falling nearby the house. 4 trees fell on their roof that night and drastically destroyed their house. All the other trees that surrounded their home were laying on the ground. It was my mum's first house that they had just finished building a couple of months ago. It was an eco house. They are now staying at her friend's at night and trying to put together or fix what's fixable during the day. They have no water, no electricity and no phone. She mentioned she's not sure the insurance is going to cover the total cost of the damages and did sell her car to make some money.
My dad's house suffered some damages as well. This was the house i grew up in. He had a part of his roof crushed as well by one of the 4 poplars my parents planted for us. 4 poplars for 4 kids. Yes, we all had a poplar.
He said : "it looked like someone had displayed matches on the ground. Big matches all over."

I wanted to fly back, be there and support my family in these very difficult times. Unfortunately my return ticket came with a free ticket and the date can't be changed. I would have to buy a new round trip ticket. I can't afford that. So i thought i would try to gather money from all the around the world for my mum and dad to fix their houses and feel like i'm here with them; that we all are here with them. I just want to rub their heart that way and i want you to help me.

So here is a button for you to click on with your heart.
All help will be deeply appreciated.

I have a band called TENDER FOREVER and will put together a benefit show in the next few days to collect more money. Bands will be announced very soon on my myspace page.
If you feel like putting together a little show in your town, feel free to do so! We'd love your support.

Thanks to K records for hosting the Fundraiser, to all my friends who have written me back amazing messages filled with love, to my brothers for being there when my parents need it and to THE WORLD.

Major Thanks,
Melanie Valera